Merchandizing CocoNifty®

*Keep in ice bucket sitting on top of ice or store in open cabinet
display chiller or refrigerated air curtain merchandiser.
Place Coconifty near fresh-cut mangoes and pineapples in the display chiller as people tend to associate these tropical fruits together.
*Consider putting them in a bucket full of ice/sit on top of ice in front of the banana or pineapple display.
 Use Coconifty as a color break between mangoes/bananas, fresh-cut watermelon to show off the bright colors of these fruits.
Cross-merchandising opportunities may also be considered with other coconut-related products like baked goods, salad and pie ingredients
Food ServiceThawing Instructions: Refrigerate to 36 to 39 deg F ( 2 to 4 deg C); or under cool running water
Young coconut slices sprinkled with Tajin® seasoning (chili, lime and salt) is a popular flavor in Latin American market, also called Cocos Preparados, or young coconut meat ceviche
*Cocolada or Coconada, however you want to call is the young coconut meat/water version of mangonada
* smoothie in one package of Coconifty
* In baked goods young coconut pie is an obvious choice, but you can use it in fillings and cakes as well.
Include young coconut meat chunks on fruit tray or slices in fruit salad.
Add young coconut to salad bar.
*Topping for pizza, yogurt
Summer: Include young coconut in ice cream
*Young coconut meat & water blend and taste well with dairy products.

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