Merchandizing Coconifty

*Keep in the bucket sitting on top of ice or store in the open cabinet
                     display chiller or refrigerated air curtain merchandiser.
• Place Coconifty near fresh-cut mangoes and pineapples in the display chiller as people tend to associate these tropical fruits together.
*Consider putting them in a bucket full of ice/sit on top of ice in front of the banana or pineapple display.
• Use Coconifty as a color break between mangoes/bananas, fresh-cut watermelon to show off the bright colors of these fruits.
• Cross-merchandising opportunities may also be considered with other coconut-related products like baked goods, salad and pie ingredients
Food ServiceThawing Instructions: Refrigerate to 36 to 39 deg F ( 2 to 4 deg C); or under cool running water
• Young coconut slices sprinkled with Tajin® seasoning (chili, lime and salt) is a popular flavor in Latin American market, also called Cocos Preparados, or young coconut meat ceviche
*Cocolada or Coconada, however you want to call is the young coconut meat/water version of mangonada
* smoothie in one package of Coconifty
* In baked goods young coconut pie is an obvious choice, but you can use it in fillings and cakes as well.
• Include young coconut meat chunks on a fruit tray or slices in a fruit salad.
• Add young coconut to your salad bar.
*Topping for pizza, yoghurt
• Summer: Include young coconut in ice cream
*And for some delicious reason, young coconut meat & water blend and taste particularly well with dairy products.

Taste and See the Goodness Like the Dewfall